Reveal Your Business Risks

Intelligence Led Data Analytics with Video verification

Transpeye combines multiple data sources with integrated CCTV for video verification in our all-in-one cloud platform to highlight moments of risk or loss, for the ultimate Loss Prevention & Risk Management solution.

An All in One Loss Prevention and Risk Management Solution

We integrate and combine with traditional security-based devices and the very latest in artificial intelligence (AI) solutions, to reduce malicious and compliance-based loss via dynamic rule-based analytics to effectively and efficiently reveal the risks within your business.

Loss prevention and risk management is hard, time-consuming work. You need to analyse data and video footage to identify moments of risk or loss, but this can take a long time and be costly using traditional resource & manpower.

Transpeye’s A-EYE™ technology enables a more efficient approach so the systems do all the hard work for you. Allowing you to spend time being pro-active and taking action.

Our all-in-one cloud platform integrates and combines with your systems to provide the ultimate solution for loss prevention and risk leaders. With our Transpeye solution, you can highlight moments of risk or loss quickly and easily, whether malicious or compliance-based reducing losses and maximising profits.

Device integration and solutions includes: –

EPOS(Till Fraud) | Alarms | Doors | Access control | Smart shelves | CCTV | EAS | Video Analytics |Theft detection | Scan avoidance | Availability | Face recognition | Smart CCTV

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How does it work?

Transpeye is a combined SAAS (Software as a Solution) and VAAS (Video as a Solution) that allows one system to combine multiple internet of things (IoT) device data with CCTV for intelligence and video verification.

We have software agents that communicate with multiple devices to allow risks (based on your business rules) to be identified, encrypted and moved to our all-in-one cloud platform, to then alert you of the risk moment, with visual verification almost in real time.

With our A-EYE™ rules engine, we have 100’s of risk-based templates identifying potential risks around till fraud and processes including AI scan avoidance, perimeter activities via CCTV analytics, ANPR vehicle monitoring, AI theft detection monitoring, standard trigger-based alarming plus other IoT assets that are deployed based on your needs with your bespoke risk profiles defined as policies.


Key Features

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Why Choose Us?

Why Choose Transpeye?

Transpeye software systems are designed by Total Retail Loss experts for Retail Loss prevention and Risk leaders. Our team work with you every step of the way, listening to your challenges to ensure our solution meets your needs and expectations.

Our expertise is not only in risk and loss, but software, hardware and people solutions and is extremely powerful when combined to support your business strategic needs in profit protection.

We want you to succeed and will not stop until a return on investment is proven. Transpeye actually enhances existing equipment already invested in or about to be invested in and maximises the 1% of video footage required when you need it most.

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Clients Feedback

What Our Clients Are Saying

This set up with remote review is now "real-time", "on demand" and the ability to drill into any behavioural event used for a huge range of purposes to develop our business." We have immediately seen some real value from this system, with onsite investigations dropping by (25%) in the first 6 months (since installation) and continues to push our focus where it needs to be based on the business intelligence rules applied. The amount of training and compliance issues raised affecting inventory has also been dramatic. The speed to deploy was amazingly quick thanks to the Transpeye team.

    Head of Loss Prevention

    As a charity it is essential that we do all we can to protect our assets enabling us to raise much needed funds to support people living with HIV. Having the ability to measure any security concerns through the Lodge Service data mining software ‘Transpeye’ has enabled us to mitigate against loss prevention and in a short period of time we have seen great results. The team at Transpeye are experts in their field and provide an excellent service. The setup is seamless and the ongoing support from the team is of great benefit.

      Head of Retail

      The Transpeye team are a genuine customer first based business that are focussed on working in partnership to solve and support the challenges we experience in retail. Their experience and background in retail really supports their vast knowledge in Loss prevention but from a wider business perspective.

        Senior Profit Protection Manager

        I was really happy with the support from Transpeye in their install. A tool that totally transformed our ability to reduce losses in our retail outlets. It basically helped us pull all of our other Loss Prevention tools together and harness our data into a concise, easy to use set of metrics that had an immediate & ongoing impact on our losses.

          Profit Protection Manager

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