Secure Room Protection

Secure Room Protection

(Cash Office, Server Room, Warehouse secure area etc)

What is the problem?

In order to protect company assets, it is important to have a secure room protection solution in place.

What are the challenges?

Unfortunately, many companies do not have a secure room protection solution in place, which leaves their assets vulnerable to theft or damage. When this is for Cash, high value or high-risk products or indeed a key area for protected access, these need a protection plan within any risk management strategy.

What is the solution?

Transpeye provides a secure room protection solution that combines security devices like door contacts and alarms with video analytics and CCTV. Our AI technologies can efficiently identify key moments of risk in secure room environments, whether malicious or compliance-based. Imagine being alerted at 11pm when you are alerted of a server room being breached or cash office door being opened – Annoyed, but protected! This is possible with our Transpeye Secure Room module.
It would be great for you know at any moment, if a cash safe is breached out of expected hours, a fire door opened, a window opened or indeed a secure server room accessed by someone it shouldn’t. BY exception, Transpeye will provide you with an alert and visual verification of whom and when to allow investigation or questions to be asked.
Transpeye is a combined SAAS (Software as a Solution) and VAAS (Video as a Solution) and perfect for the protections of high-risk environments, whether this be a cash office, safe server room or warehouse/secure room.
We have software agents that communicate with multiple devices to allow risks (based on your business rules) to be identified, encrypted and moved to our all-in-one cloud platform, to then alert you of the risk moment, with visual verification almost in real time.
We have 100’s of risk-based templates identifying potential risks around secure room / buildings and other assets that are deployed based on your needs with your bespoke risk profiles defined as policies.

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