Scan Avoidance at the checkouts

Scan Avoidance at the checkouts

What is the problem?

Retailers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of money they lose each year to theft with a major concern being around sweethearting at the point of sale. Employees have engaged with malicious based activity for many years, working with friends, family or indeed being bullied to allow certain products to go through the till, not scanned.

What are the challenges?

Scan avoidance technologies are a vital part of any loss prevention strategy, but they can be expensive and difficult to implement, particularly when used in isolation.

What is the solution?

Transpeye provides an affordable scan avoidance solution that is easy to implement and is proven to be effective. Our platform combines the latest AI technologies with CCTV footage to provide a comprehensive solution that helps retailers reduce their losses. The AI detection had learnt from 1000’s of transactions being analysed and we can confidently follow the transaction being processed over video with items not being scanned highlighted for investigation.

Transpeye is the perfect solution for retailers who want to stay ahead of the curve. Our scan avoidance technology combines the latest in CCTV with AI technologies to provide an all-in-one platform that can efficiently identify key moments from the actual scanned data. 

Transpeye is a combined SAAS (Software as a Solution) and VAAS (Video as a Solution) to offer the ultimate product protection and selection solution.
We have software agents that communicate with multiple devices to allow risks (based on your business rules) to be identified, encrypted and moved to our all-in-one cloud platform, to then alert you of the risk moment, with visual verification almost in real time.
We have 100’s of risk-based templates identifying potential risks around buildings and other assets that are deployed based on your needs with your bespoke risk profiles defined as policies.
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