Intruder and Perimeter protection

Intruder and Perimeter protection

What is the problem?

It’s hard to keep your business secure when there are so many risks to consider.

What are the challenges?

Businesses today face a wide range of security risks, from theft and vandalism to burglary at their key sites. The impact of such an incident is significant in terms of cost, inconvenience and service to your clients and customers.

Perimiter protect solution

What is the solution?

Transpeye offers an all-in-one platform that combines security devices like intruder alarms, door contacts, PIR devices with video analytics and CCTV to provide efficient risk management. Our AI technologies can identify key moments of risk in buildings or site environments, whether malicious or compliance-based. Imagine being able to see every time your site is set, unset to make sure compliance is being followed, Even more so, to be able to alert you of a high risk Closed | Open | Closed alert, where a colleague has re-entered the premises for some reason. Transpeye can work directly with smart camera features for perimeter protection, maybe alert you on sight of a certain vehicle or person that you want to monitor. Maybe you want to create a combination of motion detection followed by line crossing and object movement before being notified. All possible with our Transpeye Intruder and Perimeter protection module.
Transpeye is a combined SAAS (Software as a Solution) and VAAS (Video as a Solution) to offer the ultimate building security.
We have software agents that communicate with multiple devices to allow risks (based on your business rules) to be identified, encrypted and moved to our all-in-one cloud platform, to then alert you of the risk moment, with visual verification almost in real time.
We have 100’s of risk-based templates identifying potential risks around buildings and other assets that are deployed based on your needs with your bespoke risk profiles defined as policies.

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