What is the problem?

Retailers are looking for ways to reduce shrinkage and protect their profits and EAS has been a traditional investment for this with some newer innovations in RFID providing similar.

What are the challenges?

Shrinkage costs the retail industry millions of pounds every year, and it’s only getting worse. Product loss through basic theft and organised retail crime is increasing and a huge challenge for any retailer affecting losses and on shelf availability affecting service.
EAS solution

What is the solution?

Transpeye has developed a comprehensive Loss Prevention and Risk Management platform that uses EAS and RFID data along with CCTV footage to identify potential theft. Our AI technologies can quickly identify key moments from the data, whether malicious or compliance-based, when EAS or RFID systems usually working in isolation provide alerts for review and monitor. This module allows a remote review of how stores react to alerts, if at all and indeed safely in line with company policy along with providing intelligence and information regarding tagging quality, quantity and even maintenance issues.
Transpeye is a combined SAAS (Software as a Solution) and VAAS (Video as a Solution) to offer the ultimate monitoring EAS / RFID, making it now a smart solution worth continued investment. These systems can now come into the 21st century and be a valuable asset combined with Transpeye in our EAS / RFID module.
We have software agents that communicate with multiple devices to allow risks (based on your business rules) to be identified, encrypted and moved to our all-in-one cloud platform, to then alert you of the risk moment, with visual verification almost in real time.
We have 100’s of risk-based templates identifying potential risks around buildings and other assets that are deployed based on your needs with your bespoke risk profiles defined as policies.

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