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Epos Data mining with Video

Problem: Retailers are looking for ways to reduce shrinkage and cash loss to protect their profits at the point of sale, an area of significant risk. Loss Prevention Leaders need solutions that can help them quickly identify key moments of till fraud or risk at the point of sale.

Secure Room (Cash Office, Server Room, Warehouse secure area)

Problem: In order to protect company assets, it is important to have a secure room protection solution in place.

Intruder and Perimeter protection

Problem: It's hard to keep your business secure when there are so many risks to consider.


Problem: Retailers are looking for ways to reduce shrinkage and protect their profits and EAS has been a traditional investment for this with some newer innovations in RFID providing similar.

Smart Shelf and Smart Device

Problem: Retail Loss Prevention and Risk Leaders are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to combat theft and stock loss within their stores and our Smart Shelf and other smart devices achieve this very successfully but still require monitoring.

Access Control

Problem: In order to keep your business safe, you need to have a system in place that can identify when something is wrong.

CCTV Analytics

Problem: CCTV has been used for decades to help organisations protect their people and property, but the video footage it produces can be difficult to analyse.

Scan Avoidance at the checkouts

Problem: Retailers are looking for ways to reduce the amount of money they lose each year to theft. This can be done through implementing better security measures, such as scan avoidance technologies.

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