Policy Driven Loss Prevention

Quickly detect, investigate, and reduce your losses from fraud and noncompliance. Using advanced policy driven processing, we analyze transaction data, find policy violations, outliers, abnormal behaviour and identify patterns that may indicate fraud or theft.

Our product contains 60+ prebuilt policies, comprehensive drill-down reports and high-quality pdf reporting. Everything you need to understand staff behaviour within your establishment.

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Analyse Evidence

Using flexible forensics capabilities you can isolate activity down to the level of a location, register, or individual. Understand the sequence of actions or review all similar activity over recent history.

Our product seamlessly integrates with surveillance videos systems (CCTV), providing irrefutable visual evidence for any action. This allows clarity on the context of the event, allows a strong case to be built quickly and solid basis to take the appropriate training, disciplinary or legal action.

Immediate Impact

In environments where loss prevention is new, you will quickly gain a full understanding of staff behaviour and policy adherence. This yields dramatic reductions in loss.

For those with old style solutions, our next generation solution will dramatically improve your loss prevention efforts. Our simple but powerful user interface, with flexible tools will allow you to find suspicious activity more quickly. Our integration with surveillance videos systems (CCTV) provides seamless visual evidence allowing cases to be built rapidly.


Lasting ROI

Studies have shown that if left unchecked, errant behaviour will return, usually within 3 months. As new staff join your organization ensure you have the correct monitoring and deterrents in place.

Over time, as detection methods are refined, losses can be further reduced to negligible levels – continuing to supply cash to your bottom line year after year.

Behaviour Change

Once your staff understand that your polices will be actively monitored and discrepancies investigated, then the behaviourl change.
By holding staff accountable for the actions and providing rapid response when they don’t, they will quickly understand the rigor of the environment they work in.

This change in behaviour not only deters theft but also leads on to higher staff performance across the board.


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