Key Benefits

Manage Staff Behaviour. Maximise Profit

Quickly locate suspicious, abnormal or out of policy transactions within your establishment. Built-in intelligence guides you to areas of concern. Understand the true nature of what is taking place with cash and credit cards. Use visual evidence (CCTV) to categorically pinpoint, without any doubt, the who-when-where.

Remediate efficiently, correcting staff behaviours thus minimising leakage and maximising profits.


Complete Reporting

Our built-in reporting means you’ll know exactly what’s happening within your establishment. Find and fix problems with staff behaviours fast. Shape your policies, keeping your staff’s actions to defined standards.

You get detailed reports as standard with no separate tools required. Reports can be generated interactively or scheduled to be delivered to you directly. Reports are in a high quality, graphical layout in the industry standard pdf format.

Real Time Alerting

For high severity policy violations, get real time alerts delivered to you. These can be delivered to your computer, laptop or phone. All critical information of who-when-where and why is clearly presented allowing easy understanding and rapid response.

Further information and visual evidence (CCTV) is available by following the supplied hyperlink.

Real Time alerting

Frictionless Deployment

By using a cloud based platform, there is little to no deployment cost. No servers, No back office systems. At most deployment consists of a small, simple, purposely designed agent that gathers transaction data either from your existing back office systems or tills directly.

Our agent is compatible with nearly all till software and CCTV systems. Network usage is minimal allowing deployment in the most basic of IT environments.

Precise Forensics

Using a range of tools, including pre-build policies and reports, drilldown and transactional level forensics you can uncover the slightest, covert or ingenious of errant staff behaviour. Easy to use filters allow you to quickly focus on specific scenarios.

Once suspicious activity has been located, you can retrieve visual evidence which provides the complete understanding you require to take action.


Access Anywhere

Stay connected to loss prevention from any location. Never lose touch with what is happening at your tills or with your cash.

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