Hikvision Announces Technology Partnership with Transpeye for Retail Loss Prevention

September 20, 2021  Uxbridge, UK – Hikvision, an IoT solution provider with video as its core competency, announces a new technology partnership with Transpeye to deliver a ‘video-first’ solution for risk management in retail. This unique solution combines Hikvision’s smart devices – including cameras, NVRs and alarm products – with Transpeye’s next-generation retail loss prevention expertise to provide a comprehensive toolkit to help retailers manage risk.

A typical retail environment has a number of security systems and devices working in isolation, so it can be difficult to see the entire ‘risk landscape’ at once. Transpeye has developed an all-in-one, cloud-based risk management system that can identify malicious and compliance-based issues to reveal risk anytime, anywhere. This is done by merging all types of device data from a variety of Hikvision devices, like PTZ and thermal cameras and alarm devices. These can be installed in multiple locations, and provide infinite cross-device combinations with bespoke policy based alerts. Retailers can now carry out holistic analysis and reporting, harnessing the power of the combined dataset.

With the integration, customers can:

“We are thrilled to add Transpeye to our growing stable of technology partners. We strive to use innovation to drive security and sustainable growth, and combining our expertise with those of like-minded partners allows us to bring smart solutions to an even wider audience. In this case, we are able to give retailers a much better overview of their risks, so they can more easily act to reduce and manage them”, says Sawyer Tao, Partner Alliance and Solution Manager, Hikvision UK & Ireland.

“This partnership has revolutionized deployment for video. We have fully integrated with Hikvision to allow a simple and smooth transfer of video from Hik-Connect systems to Transpeye entirely over our cloud, which in combination with our software creates the ultimate risk management solution. This has also enabled Transpeye to expand into other markets including ARCs and monitoring environments in addition to our traditional retail environments”, adds Karl Jordan, Director of Transpeye.

Click here for more details about the integrated Hikvision and Transpeye solution.


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