Retail Case Study – Cloud to Cloud Video via Transpeye and Hik ProConnect

Our “Video First” software, “TRANSPEYE” has successfully integrated with a Retail clients 100+ store estate using Hikvision’s cloud-based platform to capture all video footage required without local software deployment.

Transpeye is a business intelligence software that combines multiple security devices and EPOS with CCTV and data analytics in one platform.

Hobbycraft, the UK based retailer, have been installing Hikvision CCTV equipment for some time now, using the advanced viewing app platform HIK Connect. This allows Hobbycraft’s Head of Loss Prevention Scott Upsall) to be able to view the cameras in his stores via the APP, anytime or anywhere.

Transpeye has utilised the Hik ProConnect API’s to fully integrate it’s main feature and USP of pulling the most relevant required CCTV to sit alongside transactions of risk, whether this for EPOS based Refunds, Voids, Discounts or for a full range of security devices to monitor key moments, i.e. Intruder, EAS, Smart Shelves etc.

For a historic installation, the Transpeye software is installed locally to the relevant DVR/NVR and separately to the relevant device or terminal. In the case with Hobbycraft, the local software to link to the DVR/NVR has not been required which has saved a huge amount of cost and time in the deployment and ongoing developments as the combined relationship between HIK and Transpeye allows the relevant footage to be pulled Cloud to Cloud.

Scott Upsall, Head of Loss Prevention for Hobbycraft said:- “This set up with remote review is now “real-time”, “on demand” and the ability to drill into any behavioural event used for a huge range of purposes to develop our business.” Hobbycraft have immediately  seen some real value from this system, with onsite investigations dropping by (25%) in the first 6 months (since installation) and continues to push our focus where it needs to be based on the business intelligence rules applied. The amount of transactions we can review at speed is significant and has vastly increased the number of investigations with successful outcomes. The amount of training and compliance issues raised affecting inventory has also been dramatic”. The speed to deploy was amazingly quick thanks to both HIK and Transpeye.

Karl Jordan, Managing Director for Transpeye commented, “This is a huge development and benefit to any retailer, not only in terms of a cloud based integrated all in one risk management solution but also cost and efficiency. For any retail Loss Prevention and Security team to be able to review malicious and non-malicious based risks from a whole multitude of invested in devices, to be able to set policies, alerts and scores against them and then automatically pull the relevant clip of CCTV to sit alongside them in one cloud-based system is incredibly powerful, bringing much valued time back to manage the 20% rather than the 80%. Doing this without the need for lengthy and costly deployment is a huge benefit and really brings home the power of cloud-based business intelligence and develops the Internet of Security Things (IOST) to a new level to reveal the risks.

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