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Our Story

Our executive team have performed a huge variety of roles within the retail world, including Store Management, Stock & Systems, Logistics, Distribution, Space & Category management before Loss Prevention.

We believe retail and related business sectors are quite simplistic.

BUY THINGS | MOVE THINGS |SELL THINGS, but we more than most understand that the risks for loss are at each point of the supply chain.

Our mindset is around providing great service with expertise domain knowledge along with the very latest in innovation. We focus on technology, as our ever-reducing labour market and ever-increasing costs versus quality is a genuine concern.


Our Vision

The development in AI (Artificial Intelligence) or A-EYE™ in our world! offers the opportunity to maximise the in-depth knowledge of risk experts and convert this in to automated smart solutions where the analysis, efficiency and grunt work is now done by machines, allowing our human intervention to teach and take action.

We aim to capture the existing skill set of today’s risk management and drive this with new ideas, innovation and solutions in to our new world, where staff free retailing and E-commerce will dominate, but risks for malicious and compliance-based loss will continue.

We will develop Transpeye and challenge our technical partners to provide solutions for todays and tomorrows challenges in the most affordable and efficient, simple way.

You’re very welcome!

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